10 Aug 2018

This May, ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase brought their Wedding and Evening Couture show across boarder and oceans to the beautiful Yangon, Myanmar.

17 Jul 2018

Highlight of the week for me is receiving fresh beautiful flowers (called Perfect 10) from Flowers and Kisses Singapore.

29 Jun 2018

Our favorite beauty & hair look on the BET Awards red carpet 2018 - Christina Cooper

31 May 2018

Everyone deserves to own at least a pair of well-fitted shoes, Agree? Read all about my interview with Donovan Leow, owner of CustomMade.

24 May 2018

FLASH NEWS! Emmy award winning series "Anacostia" is now geared up for Season 6 and is adding Christina Cooper to the cast list. Read all about it in my post.

22 May 2018

My first baby step. Yes, I styled Christina Cooper with Rezilienz Accessory for her latest photo shoot with New Face US Magazine in Issue 14.

21 May 2018

Actress and Director Christina Cooper wrote, produced and directed "Loyalty" at the age of 23.

30 Apr 2018

Tokyo, Japan is one of the most sorted out travel destination in Asia. Read all about it in my blog for travel tips to this great city.

27 Apr 2018

At just 23 years old, Christina Cooper is officially the youngest woman on television to produce & host her own televised talk show. "The Christina Cooper show!

3 Apr 2018

Christina Cooper has recently made a huge positive impact on the community of South Central, Los Angeles. Many now calling her 'South Central's Angel'.

21 Mar 2018

Have you heard? Have you seen? Christina Cooper shocked many by announcing the release of her new cookbook "Cooking with Christina"!

19 Jan 2018

The 49th NAACP Image Awards which happened on 15 Jan (Monday), presented by the NAACP.

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