Relive Your Passion

At certain point of time in life, everyone would have cultivated a hobby of some sort. For instance, painting, handicrafts (sewing, knitting, jewelry, flower arrangement, soap making), writing, blogging, cooking, baking or photography etc but due to the lack of time such as having to juggle between work & family for instances or other influencing matters which superseded the importance of this passion, the desire to continue slowly wears off.

My interest in handmade jewelry started in 2004 and I fell in love with it almost immediately. Over the next few years, I enrolled myself into different jewelry making classes and spent quite a fair bit of money in this area of education despite not earning any certifications out of it. Although it has been more than a decade now, to be precious, it has been 13 years since I started my handcrafted jewelry hobby, I believed I have accomplished what I set out for, my 3 "Wants".

For some people, it would be somewhat important for them to achieve something out from their passion, hobby or interest. Likewise for me, after so many years of learning, practice, giving out free handmade jewelry to family and friends, I wanted to achieve something more than that, I wanted a sense of fulfillment. Hence, I came up with my 3 "Wants": Celebrity Want, Fashion Show Want and International Want.

My first "Want" - A celebrity to wear one of my creations and walk down the "Red Carpet" of some kind, at least for a great event and that happened in 2012. Hong Hui Fang, one of Singapore's Veteran actress wore a pair of my own creation of Swarovski Crystal Whites Chandeliers earrings for the Star Award 2012. Nothing felt better, even water taste so much sweeter when you know that all that hard work throughout the years of practice paid off. Thanks to Cecilia See for that opportunity.

Then came the Second "Want" - models wearing my collection for a fashion show but I felt that this was a bit far fetching. Do you know how many sponsors will be queuing for this opportunity, one chance to showcase their collections? But guess what, it really happened in 2014 for me at Hilton Hotel (Singapore - Red Dot) during Big Is Gorgeous first Plus Size Fashion show, a proud collaboration with Hanis Hussey (Singapore First International Model).

Just as I thought it would not get any better, till I got a chance to work with Jane Watson (Singapore Renowned Fashion Designer) in 2015, on her collections for the UK Plus Size Fashion Week show. I came up with at least 12 designs of my summer/spring collection to go along with Jane's RTW (ready to wear) collections. To my surprise, Jane even wore one of my designs on the day of the UK Plus Size Fashion show. My third "Want", and I did it.

*Photo courtesy of Jane Watson [2015].

Although I have accomplished my 3 "Wants", I am still making handmade jewelry from time to time. My next aim is to excel in my amateur photography. I considered myself fairly lucky as I managed to work with the best people, given the best opportunities and had the chance to prove that with the right attitude, drive and a lot of perseverance, you can achieve what you aim for. So if I can do it, so can you.

Ponder no longer, get up and go relive that passion you once had and no matter how big or small the aim you set to achieve for, it is your victory to celebrate and not anyone else. Do it with passion but most importantly, do it only if you are truly happy doing it.