Lifestyle Blogger, Dovile Mal (UK)

As a writer or blogger, you have the tendency to search and read up what other bloggers are writing these days to get inspirations or what's trending out there. I know I did and I came across a name, Dovile Mal in my Twitter. Dovile is from Lithuania and her personal slogan “Born In Vilnius, Made In London” says it all. What intrigues me most was one of her blog titled: Blogging for Personal Branding where she says, "I am not famous and I don’t seek to be but the work I put in the first years of blogging is enough to be still recognizable as a blogger" and I am pretty sure all Bloggers out there today can easily relate to that. To be successful at blogging, you will need to invest time and money as well as having the perseverance to continue even though results may not be optimal.

To give you a glimpse of who Dovile is and what is like being a blogger in UK, here's the interview I did on Dovile Mal and her blog known as Diary Of A Modern Socialite.

1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I started my blog as a music blog in 2009 to get noticed in the industry. While reviewing concerts I met many fashion designers and started putting photos with their creations on my blog. In 2011 I was invited to attend London Fashion Week where I really felt in love with fashion.

2. What is fashion for you? What is your favorite part of being a fashion blogger?

I am not entirely a fashion blogger. I rather call myself lifestyle blogger. However, fashion is an important part of my blog and life. It helps to express myself and is a part of my personal brand. People remember me because of the shoes I wear and handbags I choose. I don't remember when was the last time I own a black handbag.

3. How would you describe your style?

I've been trying to follow the trends but it was difficult to keep up. Also, not many trends fitted well to my body shape. At the fashion week I was watching people and realized that the editors and famous bloggers don't try to follow trends, they create it. So, I wear quite classic pieces but choose interesting accessories like shoes, handbags & pieces of jewelry.

4. What does your beauty essentials include?

I can't live without "Elemis" Smart Cleanse Micellar Water, creams and lip balm from "Puriskin Cosmetics by Vanessa Blake". I could live without cosmetic but always have a red lipstick in my handbag.

5. How do you manage blogger life, social life, work life? What are your bits of advice?

It is difficult to manage. As I am blogging for almost 8 years now, I had writers' block several times when didn't write anything for month or two. However, I love writing, creating, so I learned to manage my time and spend on my blog more time. My advice would be to think first about the reasons why are you starting a blog and to be ready for the hard work. Globally, 50,000 blogs are being created just on WordPress platform every day, so competition is huge indeed.

6. What is the one thing people don’t know about you but really they should?

Many people imagine that I am just as a socialite who spends every waking moment at the parties. They don't know that I am actually a geek with degrees in Law, Management & Arts. I speak three languages and am learning two more, I play the piano and take photos at events. Besides partying, I love reading books and spending quality time with friends.

7. What's the NEXT big thing happening for you?

I love challenging myself so I have few ideas in mind. However, I prefer not discuss it until it will actually happen. Otherwise, it will not happen.