Art To Photography

Photography is an form of expressing Art through digital lens and never did it cross my mind that one of my amateur photograph could be published in an inflight magazine, or any magazine to be honest! Working in a media industry for 4 years, I have been exposed to a great line of photographers and have witness first hand how good they are. To a photographer, a good camera, with proper lighting tools are just as important as having the right make up brush to apply the foundation on for a make up artist. No matter, in which industry you are in, photography is always there to pick up the footprints you left behind, the great scenes you were staged in and what were the moments you felt.

In 2013, a friend of mine was being interviewed by a media correspondent from Jetstar for Singapore National Day special inflight magazine section on art. My friend turned to me and said, "Are you free, can you help me to take some photographs while I do painting blind folded?" I was like "Sure", why not! At least I could put my rusty photography skills into good use. So it turns out, this "infamous" photograph of mine was also published in Parents Magazine subsequently.

Never surpass any opportunity given to you as you will never know what doors can be opened and which path it can lead you to. Always try out new hobbies and interests, don't be afraid to explore because life is a journey of experiences. I do not often say this but failure is the key to success, that's what all "Successful" people always say which includes me who is still trying to reach my optimal level of success in life.