Cakes You Just Can't Miss!

I love to eat and who doesn't really but I love eating sweets even more! I must say, after so many years of interviewing people from different industry, you name it, Fashion icons, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Social Influencers, it is my first time interviewing someone who bakes! You know what I am referring to, those beautifully decorated cakes or cupcakes you see in the magazine or while browsing through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) that makes you drool and next thing you know, you are off to satisfy your craving. Yes, I am especially excited to have the opportunity to interview Li Fang who is incredibly talented in decorating cakes and cupcakes.

In this interview, Li Fang shares tasty details of her brand, Bakederella.

1. So Li Fang, care to give the readers a little introduction about yourself and tell us a little about your passion in baking?

Hello everyone! My name is Li Fang. I am currently holding a full time job working in the service industry and during my free time, I bake. Yes, I am also a home-based baker. My passion for baking started at a young age, however I only managed to seriously get into it after I moved into the new place with my very own built-in oven and stand mixer.

2. Tell us the history behind the name Bakederella and what makes Bakederella unique.

I have always wanted to pick a name to represent my bakes and I knew that I wanted a name with the word 'bake' in it. Coincidentally, there came a night (close to midnight), my best friend basically found out I was baking again and commented that I was very much like Cinderella as when the clock strikes 12 at midnight, I turn into a baker. Cinderella have always been my all time favorite Disney princess (even till now) hence it only made sense for me to combine the word 'Bake' & 'Cinderella' and that's how Bakederella was formed. What make us unique is that we make flowers that look realistic by using only buttercream. We are now looking at creating edible flower with several different type of edible medium.

3. Where do you get your inspirations for making cakes, especially on the decorations?

Most of the time I get different ideas from Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and floral arrangements books.

4. How do you juggle between a full time career to conducting baking workshops?

I am very blessed to have such great support from family and friends as I generally utilize my off-days to fulfill customer orders or run collaborative workshops with baking corner.

5. How often do you conduct workshops? How do one sign up if they are keen?

We run collaborative workshops once every 2 to 3 months. For those who are keen to sign up, they can either contact me via Instagram or Facebook to find out more details. Alternatively, they can contact the founder of Bakings' Corner, Ms Fiona Lau on her Facebook Group page to sign up.

6. Any words of advice for cake decorators who are new to cake decorating (besides signing up for one of your workshops)?

I would advise them to start off with some Youtube tutorial videos as there are plenty of step by step tutorial on both baking and cake decorating available for self-help and practice.

7. What new cake decorating tools or equipment are you excited about lately?

These days, I am exploring different types of pipping tips that can be use to pipe more realistic looking buttercream flowers.

8. Who have been some of your most important baking mentors/idols?

'Kim & Cake' has always been one of my idols. She always create very realistic looking buttercream flowers.

9. Any intentions in starting your own bakery any time soon?

To set up my own bakery or shop could be the future plan for Bakederella but for now I am happy with my home-based baking environment.

10. Lastly, where can we find you?

We can find us on our Instagram or Facebook account @Bakederella. We are currently located in Punggol, Singapore.

*Photo credits - Li Fang @Bakederella