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Limeyard, Staines

It was brought to my attention that there was this new joint in Staines that we should give it a try. After all, my fiance and I are back in Staines, UK to visit family and friends so indulging in good food is part of the plan. Besides, who would pass a chance to try out new food joints with good reviews, I know I wouldn't and we brought my fiance's mother along too!

Limeyard (click on the image above to be directed to their website) is located right in the city of Staines (Two Rivers Shopping Center), very visible on the streets as it is on the opposite side of retail shops like Pandora. Stepping foot into a new restaurant often makes me nervous as you do not know what you will be getting and what's cooking in there.

First impression was pleasant as. I was quickly greeted the moment my face popped in. We were seated right at the end of the room on the 1st floor surrounded with lovely decorations. The choice of colors and the mixture of old versus new concept gives out a different vibes altogether. Happily seated, we all gazed upon the menu to offer immensely, as though we are looking at an exam paper trying to solve the toughest math equation ever.

Everything looked great in the menu (no pictures just words) hence it was a pretty tough call for us to decide what we should order. Finally we decided to go with their lunch menu that comes with a choice of two or three course selections. Either you can select a starter and main or a starter, main and dessert. We went with the two course meal to give it a try.

So what did we order? We each ordered a starter, House Caesar Salad, Mission Street Wings and Sweetcorn Tamale Cake followed by our mains, Limeyard Crispy Butter Milk Chicken, Crab Cake and Limeyard Super Salad. While waiting for our food to be served, we all took turns to use their lavatory which was on the second floor. What's worth mentioning about their lavatory, is the uniquely designed pipes as running taps. Trust me when I say unique, you got to see it for yourself to believe it and I love it.

We waited for about 20 minutes before our starters were served and shortly came our mains as well. The moment the food hit the table, I was busying taking pictures of each single dish but missed out on the Mission Street Wings somehow. For the quality of the food we had, the price was right with two course meal at £9.95 and three course meal at £11.95 (lunch menu). In the end, the service was fairly slow as it was taking longer than expected for the bill to come despite asking for it twice. Nevertheless, great food and good ambience. I would recommend people to give this place a try.

Here are my personal ratings:

Quality & presentation of food - 4 stars

General ambience - 4 stars

Customer service - 3 stars

Price - 4 stars

Cleanliness - 4 stars

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