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Who is Rituals?

The brand Rituals may not be familiar to those people who are residing in Asia but for those who lives in Europe and United States, this brand name is no stranger to them. A Dutch man named Raymond Cloosterman started Rituals 17 years ago who is now the Founder and CEO of Rituals. If you are interested, you can find out more about him in Rituals up close and personal interview with him (click on this link).

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So if this brand is not available in Asia (I live in Singapore), you may wonder how I got to know about this brand. During a business trip to Amsterdam 6 years ago, I stayed in Raddison Blu Hotel located at Schiphol. During my stay, the hotel toiletries provided were from Rituals. When I first tried out the shower foam (The Ritual of Sakura), I fell in love with it immediately as the scent was fragrant and yet not too overpowering.

This made me more excited to try on their body cream as it was winter time, it is always wise to keep your full body moisturized. As I applied the cream on my arm, it could feel how moisturized my skin felt without the greasy feeling which I often get with body cream. During my entire trip, I was using their Hair and Body products only as I didn't even bother using my own products which I brought over for the trip. Till date, this product range is still my favorite so far.

The day before I left Amsterdam, I decided I needed to get these products home as I knew I would never be able to get them back home and I don't know when I would be coming to Europe again hence I did a quick trip down to the Dam Square city area and went into the closest Rituals retail store I could find and bought almost €300 worth of Hair, Body, Face products to bring home. Then after, the rest is history, so long I am in Europe or if my fiance was traveling, Rituals products would definitely be on the "Must Buy" shopping list.

Although most of the products you see in Rituals were created with Asian presence such as The Ritual of Sakura, The Ritual of Dao, The Ritual of Laughing Buddha, The Ritual of Samurai and many more, you see no signs of Rituals retail stores in Asia. They do ship internationally but not all over the world and Asia countries are not in their list for now. So if you are planning a trip to Europe or US (please check their website for the list of retail store locations), do check out their stores and products available.

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