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What is the difference between Classic or Gelish Manicure & Pedicure?

Ever since Gelish came in light, it became one of the most sensational product to try on your nails as it was deemed to be the future of nail polish which had the "longer" lasting effect and "looks more shiny". Unfortunately, not all of us think the same, there are some "Classic" fans out there who prefers the flexibility that classic nail polish caters for and I am one of them now. Why? Because of the condition of my nails, I see the need to revert back to the good old traditional way of having my nails done.

So what's the difference between a Classic or Gelish Manicure & Pedicure?

Photo credits: Google Image & O.P.I

A classic manicure is where your nails are clipped, shaped, buffed smooth along with having your dry skin and cuticles cut and treated (I term this as cleaning services). Then the base coat is first applied on your nails followed by the choice of your nail polish (1 or 2 layers) then finished off the top coat and set to dry. But you will have to wait for the polish to dry completely or you risked smudging it when trying to do 101 things altogether. Typically, classic manicure (if well taken care of) should last for about 3 - 5 days and it is easy to remove (which means you can do it yourself at home, saving you the trouble to visit the Salon).

Photo credits: Google Image & gelish

Gelish manicure on the other hand also has the same "cleaning" services as above but the difference is the application of the nail polish which in this case is Gel. A gel base coat is first being applied, then your nails are placed under the UV lamp to set followed by the first layer of gel polish color and back under the UV lamp to set again. This process can be done one or two and even three times depending on the effect of the nails. Lastly, a gel top coat is applied where the nails will be back again under the UV lamp to set. Typically, gelish manicure will last around 2 weeks or more (depending on individuals). The removal process is more tedious as the gel needs to be remove properly in order not to damage your nails (but a lot of people I know do not follow this process). It is said best to have the removal done in the Salon (which means you cannot do it yourself at home unless you know how to do it properly without damaging your nails) so that the professionals can help you remove it and reapply a new color if you want.

I have asked some bloggers for their opinions and most of them seems to be very pro to having Gelish manicure and pedicure. The reason was mainly because Gelish is more convenient and each polish last longer. Personally, I have tried Gelish for years but over time, I realized that my nails got damaged (perhaps due to peeling) but mainly my cuticles have darkened as well and this was due to the UV lamp. To me, I reckon no matter which manicure services I go for, I will ensure that my nails are well protected and seems the Gelish manicure is no longer my pick of choice.

On the subside, there are now classic nail polish which are "Gel" alike, with the same color texture and shiny effect. Classic yet Gelish, win win for me. Your thoughts?

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