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What TYPE of blogger are you?

I blog you blog, almost everyone blogs today or should I say anyone who wants to blog is a blogger. So how many bloggers are there in this world. World Wide Web says there are 152 million blogs accounted for in 2013 and if each person owns 1 blog, there should be at least 152 million bloggers out there discounting the fact that the number would have gone up by 2017.

Assuming there are 152 million bloggers (at least), so what type of bloggers are we referring to? I often wonder if it is just me, but I find this question quite fascinating. We often describe what kind of blog we write about but we typically don't differentiate ourselves as what type of blogger we are. Still don't understand, let me share what I have analyzed so far on the types of bloggers I have encountered over the years and you may be surprise to find yourself belonging to that category but if you don't find yourself fitting in any of the category, that means we should link up and have a chat. I would love to get to know you.

Types of Bloggers:

1. Dear Diary - Typically blogs about anything and everything of what she did, what she loves or hates and how she feels. Doesn't matter if her blogs reaches any readers or followers at all.

2. Clueless - Blogs about stuff they have no clue what so ever, but blogs it anyway to show that they know what's trending. Usually with little or few followers.

3. Copycats - Have the tendency to copy other bloggers or writers work and simply change a few wordings or two to claim it their own without remorse. Followers will find out sooner or later.

4. Trend Setter - Keeps it simple by knowing everything happening in his or her niche. Often updates with the latest trend in the industry, and what's up and coming. Have a good solid base of followers.

5. High Influencer - The person everyone wants to be. Just a 2 word post will get her followers, following, retweeting, responding and sharing. E.g. Got This! as the Caption and picture could be showing a pair of shoes. Solid base of social media followers.

6. Plain Jane - Loves blogging and super passionate about producing great content but lack of followers or readerships. Unable to generate the good traffic. Usually with little or few followers.

7. Guest guest - Guest bloggers are popular these days. They may not even own a blog but because they are able to produce good content or have the niche for that market, they are highly in demand. Social media followers perhaps.

8. Blog Job - Typically blogs or writes full time or professionally and gets paid fairly well. Experience and understanding of the market (whoever they are blogging) is a must. Followers base are usually the usual readers and can be solid.

9. Pretenders - Those who pretends to blog but don't actually blog at all. Claiming to be a blogger but they hardly blog about anything except for a few pictures and caption points e.g. Love this? Want that? How about you?

So again, I may not have captured all types of bloggers but no matter what type of blogger you are, so long you know why you started blogging and what keeps you motivated, that's a good enough reason to carry on!

For the record, I was no. 8.

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