How To Choose The RIGHT Fashion Trend For You!

*Photo credits from All Fashion & Make Up (Pinterest)

Fashion trends change and evolve constantly, one minute high waist pants were in fashion, another minute ripped jeans are in style, and so with so much changes in style, how does one keep up and choose what's right for them?

I personally am not a fashionista myself, I hardly follow every single fashion trends thrown out there and I don't think that's a bad thing. Not every current fashion trends fits everyone, heard this terms before, "No one size fits all" and this is 100% true as our body types are so uniquely formed.

Let's face it, we all know fashion trends are not for everyone. Designers have their own way of creating fashion based on their creativity and it is not necessary meant for daily use (wear). What people, like you and me are looking for are those ready to wear clothes, stylish, good quality and yet it doesn't hurt our pockets.

So here are some of my top 3 tips on how to be fashionable with current trends but not comprising your own fashion identity.

1. Understanding your body type - By now, with so much clothes hanging in your wardrobe and the endless shopping trips, you should know how your body works. Choose clothes that are not only in style (that would last at least for 4 seasons) but also comfortable clothes. The last thing you want is to wrap your body with fabrics or cuttings that makes you uncomfortable.

2. Consider what's trending - In the fashion world, everything from accessories (jewelry, watch), clothes, shoes and bags have their own trending styles. So it can be ranging from material to colors, cutting to style and even also the designs. But not all will be suitable for you, hence you need to identify what kind of accessories you like and based on the color trend (rose gold), pick something close to it. Likewise for clothes and shoes, they can be in the trending color, but not necessarily the trending style. Doesn't matter, so long you are able to find something in trend but pick and choose what suits your style.

3. Keep it simple - With so many fashion trends going on, try not to put every trend on yourself and walk out of the house. This will not work because you will only draw an unwanted statement on how not to follow your style. Select 1 accessories, e.g. sunnies and a bag that are currently in style to go with your everyday outfit. By doing this, you will also be keeping to your shopping budget. The last thing you want is to break your bank to buy everything you may not even end up using it.

Being fashionable is not about losing yourself but reinventing yourself. The whole essence is to help you feel good and comfortable so that you get that confident boost when stepping out of your doorstep and not to cause yourself grieve at the end of it. If you need more advice, feel free to drop me a comment and we can link up or follow me on my Instagram to see my fashion trends. Enjoy dolling yourself up and have fun with my simple 3 tips!