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Eyebrows Embroidery

Ever since the revolution in Eyebrows Embroidery started, which means no more old fashioned tattoo-ing of eyebrows. Eyebrow Embroidery is semi-permanent pigment that's pushed into the surface of the skin with a fine blade to mimic the growth of your already existing eyebrow hair (if there is any, that is) so to create a bolder and more natural-looking brows. Since then, I have become a fan and have been trying out all the latest, 3D & 6D Eyebrows Embroidery and even the straight thick natural Korean Nano Eyebrow Embroidery. Why the need? First of all, I cannot get out of the house without having to draw my eyebrows not because of vanity, but mainly because, I was born with very thin and scattered eyebrows.

Although I have tried most of the latest Eyebrows Embroidery services out there, I have never tried getting the normal standard one. When Perfect Brow House posted a post on Facebook about their Normal Eyebrow Embroidery promotion, who can pass it up? I am highly impressed with their customer service response time, as they replied to my inquiries over Facebook message fairly quickly and helped to confirm the appointment as well.

Important to ask any Eyebrows Specialist House before deciding to go ahead and have your eyebrows embroidery done:

1. Do they apply any numbing cream? For ladies with low pain tolerance (e.g. ME), this is a MUST!

2. Does the package come with free touch ups? If not, ask if there are any promotions. Typically they would have a special price for 1 service + 1 touch up.

3. Do they consult you on your preferred eyebrow shape? This is vital right?

4. Lastly, any after care antiseptic cream provided? If not, please purchase.

Procedure I went through today:

1. The specialist cleaned both my eyebrows before applied the numbing cream on each of my eyebrows.

2. After 30 mins, the specialist removed the numbing cream and asked if I have any preferred eyebrow shape. As I had an existing eyebrow embroidery shaped, she recommend me to remain with the current shape but extend to thicker shape as it will appear thinner once the color starts to fade slowly.

3. She started drawing and it took her only 10 mins to complete the outline of my eyebrow shape.

4. Once I confirmed this is the shape I wanted, she proceeded to show me the new blades that she would be using for this service.

5. As she started embroidering the ink into the epidermal layer of my skin, I was experiencing slight pain and hence she applied an interim layer of numbing cream again before proceeding with the other side of my eyebrow.

6. Both eyebrow embroidery took no more than 30 minutes and she completed the services. The reason why it took so quick was because it was a normal eyebrow embroidery where it is less complicated than the 3D, 6D or Nano where it takes a longer time.

After the services was completed, the specialist took time to explain the after care process and when I should be back for touch ups. Overall customer service experience, 5 stars!

As you can see from my bare face naked photos, I now have full blown thicker eyebrows which I am super happy of.

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