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Wellaholic. A new way to a healthy lifestyle!

People who knows me well enough understands how important my lifestyle is and what that means is that I follow a standard routine: having a balanced diet, doing adequate exercises and having ample sleep. I am a strong believer of what is shown on the outside (e.g. energy level, skin conditions, weight, etc) is what is going on inside the body. So when an opportunity knocked on my door to do a review on Wellaholic's products and services, how could I refuse?

A little introduction on this company. Wellaholic was established in Singapore in 2016 and it's vision is to motivate every possible person to live a life of good health, fitness and beauty. They carry a range of health and fitness supplements (from their FDA-certified facility in USA), skincare products of the highest quality and provides facial IPL and Elight treatments. In addition, they also cater for various types of fitness classes. To top this, Wellaholic also has an in-house doctor and pharmacist panel to help answer customer’s supplementation and skincare queries, which is quite rare in the market.

So, the day of the appointment came and I was there on time. Upon entering the premises, the decorations and atmosphere gave me a very positive and cozy feeling. Joyce, the therapist attended to me immediately and basically explained thoroughly on the how, what, who, when and why questions I had on the process and treatments they offer. As a consumer, customer service constitutes at least 60% on customer retention and by this, I highly commend the service Joyce provided to me. She was not only patient, detailed, friendly, courteous but also knowledgeable. She has been in this field for quite sometime and hence having an experience person gives me the level of confidence in her performing the treatment but also the confidence I have in Wellaholic.

I have chosen to try out the Elight Treatment for 2 sessions and this is a skin treatment that uses intense pulsed light, or photodynamic therapy to treat skin conditions and remove effects of photo-ageing such as wrinkles, spots, and textures. I must say I felt a bit nervous even though Joyce has briefed me on what will be done. But first, I was told to remove any make up must be removed (except for the eyebrows and eye area) and after putting on the protection cap and eye google over my head, I was told to put get onto the treatment bed and relax. Joyce explained in details on what the Elight Treatment works and I should feel a tingling sensation at some of my facial area e.g. philtrum (the area that is between the nose and the upper lips) and chins would feel more than others due to sensitive level (level of treatment can be adjusted according to needs and wants). Once I had my eye googles over my eyes, I was told to close my eyes as there will be bright lights flashing during the course of treatment and before the treatment began, she spread a layer of gel onto my face. The course of treatment took only 10 minutes with no pain but slight tingling sensations like Joyce said.

After the treatment, Joyce explained the extensive range of health supplements which they carry and the usage of it. I was given an opportunity to try out 2 of their health supplements and I picked out their (1) Life's Promise Multivitamins and (2) W+ Resveratrol. As I led a busy lifestyle, having a full time job and with many social activities means I need energy. The Life's Promise Multivitamins is a super blend of multivitamins and minerals which can help support your immune system and promote healthy skin, nails, and bones whereas the W+ Resveratrol protects your cells against radical damage and offers anti-ageing skin benefits. In my perspective, it is a perfect combination for me.

*Photo of my face condition after 4 hours of treatment on the day itself

Overall, I am very satisfied with the services provided by Wellaholic. As you can see from my first facial Elight treatment, my face looks more radiant with glow. Watch out for my updates on the second Elight treatment session in 2 weeks as well as my verdict on the health supplements I have taken.

Meanwhile, I urge you to check it out as everyone who leads a hectic lifestyle needs to strike a balance and what's better than having a 3 in one service under the same roof, the facial treatments, fitness plus and health supplements to further support your needs which are FDA certified.

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