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A Better Florist is really BETTER!

Don't we ladies love receiving a bouquet of flowers from time to time, I know I do! People who knew me well knows how much I love trying out activities that involves creativity (clearly stated in my intro). When I was invited to attend a flower arrangement workshop by A Better Florist for a honest review in return, it took me less than 2 secs to say Yes!

In today's hectic world, yes, if you live in Singapore you jolly well know what I mean. Some people prefer retail therapy to overcome the weeks' stress at work but I on the other hand prefer to do activities which can allow me to step out of this world for a while and relax my mind. Like they always say, "No matter how busy you are, never forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way". After weeks of scheduling, I finally got to attend the workshop last Saturday (workshops are typically held on Saturdays) and boy was I glad I did it! Reason is simple, I had so much fun and felt so relaxed by just staring at all the flowers around me, very therapeutic.

I arrived just in time and was greeted by our cheerful instructor of the day, Ms. Shirleen. She came across as someone who was soft spoken, bubbly but certainly a flower nutter (in a good way)! We waited a couple of minutes before Shirleen started off with a short introduction of herself and what she will be teaching us about flower arrangement. As she went along, we are told to introduce ourselves (first name) and what's our favorite flower. Oh oh and for men who plans to attend this workshop, you are more than welcome to say your wife or girlfriend as your favorite flower too (instructor's joke)! Here comes sharing of my experiences with you on what went on...

First of all, Shirleen explained the different type of flowers we will be using for our flower arrangement.

Click on video

Next she taught us how we should handle the flowers and what kind of tools we should be using.

Followed by how we should be arranging the flowers in sequence.

We would wrap the flower stems using sponge wraps (reusable) and put it in a small plastic clear bag. After which we would need to pour in a small quantity of water to allow the sponge to soak up the water for hydration purposes (otherwise the bouquet of flowers would dry up under the HOT sun)!

And finally, the last stage where we will wrap our bouquet of flowers using Jute cloth & yarn.

Lastly, sprinkle some water to make your bouquet of flowers looking fresh!

With a class of 8 people, Shirleen gave us her upmost attention while we set off to try out on our own... many moments later... here's my journey in creating my first ever bouquet of flowers.

In my mind, a florist is someone who is highly knowledgeable about flower species, someone who knows the in-s and out-s of flower arrangement, someone who is in love with flowers, someone like Shirleen. Thank you Shireleen for being such a patient instructor.

Wrapping your bouquet with Jute

As you can tell, I am indeed a happy customer. Will I return to do another workshop, why not? For a limited time only, quote LISATPINK10 when you register and get a 10% discount.

What are you waiting for, Click here to register now!

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