Accessorize with Ink and Lace

I have always been a great supporter of designers of all sorts (fashion, accessories, art) you name it. Recently, a package popped up in my mailbox all the way from Australia and I was extremely excited. It was a print art work from Ink & Lace by designer Lorena Balea Raitz. She is an illustrator and designer living in Brisbane Australia and from her designs are creative, bold, stunning which ultimately shouts out the word stylish with a bold statement behind it. She teaches the ancient art of Romanian Point Lace, fashion illustration, beauty, cosmetic, fashion product, accessory art and fashion related branding as well.

As a designer myself (back in the days), I have always wanted to try out different ways to make my designs more creative and Lorena has certainly achieved this to a higher level. What struck me at first were the eye catching lace necklaces uniquely styled and an eye turner for sure.

*Photo from Ink & Lace Website

The print art work which I had received was stunning. It is known as the Orchid & Corals collection (currently not in the website for this moment) but all the other prints available as prints can be requested as art pieces (wall display) or transformed into cards or postcards. She finds her inspirations in almost everything - this particular piece was inspired by orchids, the corals and Asian ancient culture incorporating geisha makeup and contemporary fashion concepts.

*Orchid & Corals Print Art

If you live in Brisbane Australia, you are simply pampered as Lorena holds different workshops catering to different customers' needs, whether it's for yourself or your friend as a gift (great gift idea). Hover over to her website and see more. Creativity doesn't stop there, it starts there.