Actress and Model Christina Cooper drops a new cookbook! And it's already won an award for '

Have you heard? Have you seen?

Christina Cooper shocked many by announcing the release of her new cookbook "Cooking with Christina" with recipes from Jamaica and Asia. Being a 23 year old, half Chinese and half Jamaican woman, she tried to include both cultures mixing in American classics with her recipes. She has recipes from her famous Jerk chicken Alfredo, to her Pineapple fried rice, to her family recipe of Banana fritters. To see all of her secret recipes, purchase her book with the many others that have recently copped their copy! Her book will soon be available on Amazon and at Barnes & Nobles online.

For now, you can get your copy of Christina's cookbook (Printed hardcover & Ebook) at this website below, DON'T MISS OUT:

Here's a teaser video from youtube:

Credits to video:

Videographer: Joshua Rieger

Bts photographer: Patricklee Hamilton

Chef: Christina Cooper