South Central's Angel: Christina Cooper

Christina Cooper has recently made a huge positive impact on the community of South Central, Los Angeles. Many now calling her 'South Central's Angel'. Christina has now finished filming and is on to post production for her documentary "If I Don't Make It Home", on Homicide victims, and their effects on the unforgiving streets of South Central Los Angeles. She has volunteered at events & classes in Compton, Inglewood, and the general Los Angeles area, to uplift young children & teens to focus on their dreams and stray away from the negative temptations South Central has to offer. She wants to spread positivity & love throughout the streets and more so, awareness to the harsh impact violence has on our women and young children.

Christina created this documentary project to showcase to the world the pain experienced when your child, or husband doesn't make it home alive. In today's society, especially in areas like South Central, one can worry if their child or father of their child is coming home safe or not due to homicide violence and police brutality. Christina was accompanied by photojournalist Patricklee Hamilton and cinematographer Joshua Rieger in the hopes of creating a revolutionary film to inspire the next generation.

At just 23 years old, we are excited to see her second film release this summer and we can't wait to see how she will impact the community more than she already has!