Christina Cooper becomes youngest Asian woman to be considered for Daytime Emmy nomination!!!

Former Netflix actress turned film director, Christina Cooper, is being considered for her first Daytime Emmy nomination for her first ever self-produced digital series “Blue Laces”. Her digital series is being considered for an Emmy nomination in both the ‘Outstanding digital daytime series’ and ‘Outstanding actress in a digital daytime series’ categories in 2019. She is now breaking barriers by becoming the youngest half Asian woman to be considered for a Daytime Emmy nomination.

“Blue Laces" is a daytime drama series showcasing the strength of two women learning how to heal themselves after experiencing a series of unexpected events. We see the drama that unfolds in the hospital workplace and within the lives of these two women, including everyone around them. The series touches on police brutality, gentrification, gang violence, and many other important topics related to living on the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles. The audience will see how blue laces tie the story line together, and won't see what's coming next.

“The first season is more of a mini series”, Christina tells us. “I wanted to give people a hint of what the series is about so that they are mentally prepared for Season 2. I want to show the world that you can be a female and still create a series or film that’s raw and real.” Christina is making her way to the top at only 24 years old. We hope she gets that Daytime Emmy nomination in 2019!