Bee Choo Origin Ladies: The fix for my hair & scalp problems!

I for one have been battling with hair and scalp problems for more than 20 over years. I grew up with oily scalp and resulted in having oily hair if left unwashed for a day (that is how bad it is) which also means I spent quite a bit on hair treatments at my local Salons (used to be every 2 - 3 weeks or so). Luckily, I came across Bee Choo Origin Ladies hair treatments services and decided to give it a try.

Interestingly, Bee Choo Origin started out as a home-based business with a stand-alone steamer (as quoted in the website) and today they have a total of 5 outlets in Singapore. Just a quick note to all the readers, at Bee Choo Origin Ladies all ingredients used are 100% natural and are even suitable for expecting mothers.

As this is really based on personal experience on how the treatment work, I have decided to video the whole process to share with all of you (edited with care of course).

Before you start watching the video, here's some of the key information to note:

1. Duration of the whole treatment was around 1.5hrs - 2 hrs

2. If you have overly sensitive scalp or allergies, please make sure you speak with the consultant on this before proceeding with the treatment.

3. After the treatment, your hair color might look darker for some (depends).

4. Bee Choo Origin Ladies is exclusively for Ladies Only including the consultants and therapists.

5. Lastly, I highly recommend you to buy their scalp or shampoo products to use as it will definitely help to maintain the quality of your scalp and hair until your next appointment.

So what is LTPink verdict:

Definitely 1 thumb ups (as shown at the end of the video), worth a try as after my first session, I noticed that my hair did not fall off as much when combing and the treatment covers my greys. Isn't that great?

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