Bake Off at ABC Cooking Studio Singapore

Did you know ABC Cooking Studio Singapore offers trial lessons? I've always watched people baking whenever I happened to walk past one of their studios and often marvelled at the lovely cakes and pastries that I see from the window glass pane (drooling at times haha). I decided to take advantage of the trial lessons promo they have and signed myself for a baking session.

All you have to do is go to their website and register for the class you want (classes get signed up very quickly so you have to do it fast). On the day of the class, all you need to do is to inform the person at the registry that you are here to attend the trial class and they would ask you do an ID to confirm your sign up. They will then tell you which island number you have been assigned to along with an apron. At Takashimaya branch, they have lockers where you can lock up your handbags and personal belongings while attending classes.

My instructor is a pretty young lady who clearly have years and years of experience in teaching, she speaks softly, clearly and patiently every time with a smile on her face. There are 4 people assigned to each island table so you can always sign up with your friends or family. In this trial lesson, we made Rocher in the Woods cake from scratch and the whole process from beating the egg batter to the final decorating part took around 1.5hrs. It is pretty fast because all ingredients were already pre-prepared and all we had to do was to mix, beat, spread and roll.

I must say, I enjoyed the baking session and would definitely go back there again if I bring a friend along (so that I can try out other trial lessons).

What do you think of my cake? Not bad for an amateur huh!

This is not a sponsored post, purely posting because it's worth sharing!