Capture the love, the moment

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, I am sure most people would be scratching their heads trying to figure what’s the best gift or most unique gift to get for your dear ones. If you are like me, who takes ages to make a decision on what gift to get, then I have one perfect gift solution for you which would almost caters for all occasions (as listed above).

To celebrate my upcoming one year wedding anniversary with my hubby, I decided to engage Bespoke Photography who provides professional photography services in taking special moments of us together at the Botanical Gardens. My hubby was highly excited when I surprised him with this gift as he felt that it was such a cool and refreshing idea, having couple shots taken as we celebrate our milestone together.

Bespoke Photography’s service was fantastic. Schedule coordination with the assigned photographer was quick and prompt. Despite the fact that I had to reschedule the shoot several times, the photographer was very accommodating to the proposed changes. On the day of the shoot, although the photographer was slightly under the weather, he still turned up for the shoot, providing his utmost photography service to us. Very professional indeed.

Both my hubby and I loved the pictures, Bespoke Photography have captured our special moments together perfectly and for many years ahead, these memories shall stay with us forever.

Don’t wait now, go check out Bespoke Photography services today. To the bloggers, influencers and also my fashion designers’ friends out there, you can also engage them for fashion photoshoot too so how cool is that!

Their contact details below for your easy reference.

Phone: 8338 1249