Christina Cooper’s film acquired by BET

25 year old Christina Cooper breaks history getting film acquired by BET Networks as an independent Writer, Producer & Director.

     Christina Cooper was first known for playing Miko on Netflix’s “Dear White People” as an actress, then eventually branched off into becoming a writer, director & produced as well. She went on to independently self produce “South Central Love” the movie featuring actors such as the lead Jamal Henderson, Vanessa Simmons, Timothy Delaghetto, & many more talented actors. The film was recently acquired by BET Networks making its national television 8 million household debut in March 2020. The movie is now available on BET Plus, which is BET’s new streaming platform. Christina is one of the youngest Directors/Producers to independently film a movie from start to finish with her own crew/funding and get it aired on BET Networks.

     Christina is hoping this self made attitude inspires woman of color around the world who might be struggling financially to still push to create films no matter if they have the funds or not. “A lot of us may not have rich families, be famous, or know anyone in the industry to genuinely help us, so it’s important to really work hard, believe in yourself and manifest your goals,” says Christina. The movie is also now available on DVD at Best Buy and at Walmart. Christina is gearing up for the next film entitled “Rising 6”, which will be an original Super hero film.