Collagen Fusion with Project B (B for Bare)

In the eyes of all beauty beings, the word Collagen is no stranger. Being over 40, I strongly recommend taking supplements as to help and delay all signs of aging. After trying this product for 2 weeks now, I am happy to share my "fruitful" experience with you.

Project B is a health supplement company based in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei) that emphasizes on being Bare and Transparent of their product development process. What makes them stands out, is the fact that they own an extensive development process where they heavily challenge the critical measures and the trial results are published on the official website. You can find the reports here - In addition to that, all users can also track any new product development progress at

That’s how transparent they are!

What is the product they are launching? Ta-da, let me introduce!  

Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide 5,000mg, which is concentrated with 10 extracts under the trademark proprietary blend of COLL10+. This product utilizes high quality collagen peptide imported from Italy and the product formula is developed by researcher Dr Iko for over 26 months and further endorsed by a few pharmacists.

The efficacy profile is then tested for another 6 months before they have confirmed the launch. They have also exhausted their product development process to ensure only the best

quality product are delivered.

Let the FUN begin!

Over the years, I have tried a few different collagen powders, and I am glad to inform you that this Project B Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide comes in a form of can filled with fined white powder which doesn't carry an awful fishy smell. In addition, Project B imported a 100% Natural Fruit Booster product from Italy and this fruit booster comes in three different flavors, passion fruit, kiwi, and mixed berries.

I take 2 tablespoons of collagen and mixed it with a tablespoon of the fruit booster into a glass of water and drink this every morning. Depending on how sweet your tooth is, you can decide how much fruit booster to put in your drink to be. Powder is easily dissolved with a little bit of hot water, followed by lurk or cold water.

Alternatively, you can mix the Hydrolyzed Biomarine Collagen Peptide into any of your favorite breakfast food (cornflakes, yogurt) or drink (coffee, tea) to make it a habit so you don’t miss a dose but please be aware that the taste will definitely be different.

Conclusion, I have tried this product for 2 weeks. If I tell you that I have seen a vast difference, I would be lying to you, but what I can tell you is that continuous effort will definitely pay off. So check out my IG for regular updates!