From Little Flower Hut (Singapore)

To be honest, I had lost count on how many times I have received flowers over the years but boy never was I expecting to receive something so special from Little Flower Hut.

A special same day flower delivery made out to me yesterday, flowers in the shape of a cute teddy bear lookalike, a true creation break-through I would say. The people from my office were WOW-ed from the sight of the adorable flowery teddy bear as none of them have ever seen one quite like it.

A quick few facts about this teddy bear. First, this particular edition bear is called Mr. Affection and with it, there are several other creations as well (Mr Devotion, Ms Happiness). Secondly, it is made entirely out of fresh bloomed flowers (how much cooler can it get) and lastly, it certainly weighs heavy (it's OK to give it a hug).

If you need to get something special for your love ones, this is it. Look no further, instead of ordering the usual bouquets, why not try something new. This bear series collection comes in 2 sizes, approximately 30cm and 100cm (1m Life Size). You will need to place an order 3 days in advance for a Life Size Teddy Bear. You could also order a variety of gifts from Little Flower Hut to go along with your Teddy Bear.

For any occasion, you can always order something special from Little Flower Hut for your love ones.

Here are their contact details:

Little Flower Hut

25 Jalan Chegar, Singapore 578483 (Strictly by appointment only)

+65 6503 9750