Happy New Year 2020

Dear All (my readers, supporters, sponsors, friends, family & strangers), how has your year been?

It's time to set those goals for the New Year. I am ready to look forward to step into the year of 2020, receiving new challenges and new prospects in life.

Year 2019 has been kind to me in all aspects. Family are doing well, Career is progressing to the direction I want and most of all, I am mentally happy, physically healthy (no major issues) and spiritually free. I got to travelled to a few new places allowing me to enrich my knowledge and broaden my mindset.

Big thanks to all my new and existing sponsors in believing my work, my "3 cents" worth of opinions and my professionalism in delivering exciting posts to my readers. In the new coming year, I would like to focus mainly on Travel & Lifestyle coverage.

Lisa.T.Pink blog sends love to you and wishes all a very Happy New Year.