Ready To Treat?

The best part in life is receiving invitations to try out new things and part of me love trying out beauty products that could brighten my day (without going through any pain or harmful experiences in general).

Come on, who wouldn't like to be pampered and receive the best treatments for their body, I know I do. Talking about treatments, it excites me to give a big shout out to Walking Sunshine, a quietly yet uniquely tucked away establishment located on the 3rd floor at Orchard Central presenting a new concept combining beauty and dining experiences. In short, you get to have all your beauty services (hair, nails, make-up) along with dining options all under one roof, from getting top-notch stylists selections to a variety of Korean inspired healthy food and deserts (using only natural ingredients).

First impressions last the longest, and to me, here are my views as a consumer. First thing that struck me obviously was the deco of this establishment, surrounded with flora and fauna gives me a very warm welcoming effect. I love how the furniture blends in where you get a mix of modern with nature, especially the funky chairs (hair shampoo bed) which moves up and down automatically. Next, I must say all of the staffs working there are extremely courteous and very fashionable. I was greeted with the brightest smiles and what I love most was the stylist (Shin Ji) who bothered to explain in details how what sort of treatment I will be receiving which is the Shocking Clinic Treatment ( 2 steps to treatment) and what to expect after the treatment.

Before they start the treatment, they would use a small towel bend into a diamond shape to cover over your eyes and chin. Come next was the great head massage (most needed) that occasionally gives out a squeaky noise. At the end, the stylist showed me after treatment, the condition of my hair should be able to stand straight after running through my fingers. Leaving blow drying the last step which concludes the whole treatment experience to be around 30 minutes or so. Overall experience for me was great, however I would have preferred the head massage session to last longer (who wouldn't).

Walking Sunshine is what you need to get ready for a date or a special occasion while having your hunger fixed at the same time. Live your life and try out new experiences, totally worth it!

Walking Sunshine

181 Orchard Road, #03-07

Orchard Central,

Singapore 238896

Tel: 8877 8800