Singapore Cake Delivery Services You Need!

You can get almost everything online these days and when Cake Delivery Singapore, a reputable and popular cake delivery company in Singapore invited me to do a review on their tasty cakes, I was more than willing to give it a try. Known for their award-wining recipes, Cake Delivery Singapore uses only the best and most premium ingredients so to ensure the best tasting cakes are made and delivered right to your door step. Placing an order is simple, just head to the website and make your selections accordingly. They provide candles (big and small) and birthday toppers as well.

I had a hard time trying to select the cake to taste due to the varieties and choices available. I ended up selecting the Oreo Cheesecake being one of the Award-Winning Favorites with full of anticipation. The delivery time was set between 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm. The delivery process was smooth, cake was delivered right on the dot at 2.30 pm in perfect condition (this is important, especially if you are ordering the cake for specific occasions).

First bite to the cake made me smile. The cake wasn't too sweet which means it is healthier and the taste confirms the freshness of the ingredients used. The texture of the cake was just right (for me), the balance of Oreo and Cheese was just right. Oreo bits are blended into the cheese, and sprinkled on top to provide a nice, consistent crunch with every bite. Most importantly, their secret cheese mix provides an airy, light base to prevent the cake from being too "jelak" (very true).

Final Verdict:

Look no further, if yummy handmade gourmet cakes that provides unique delivery choices (e.g. 1 Hour, Same Day Free Delivery, Overnight, 12 Midnight Delivery) is what you want, Cake Delivery Singapore is what you need!

Cake Delivery Singapore -

Free Delivery for any orders above $80 (Singapore only)

Money back guarantee

Note that the review is based on my personal experiences.