Sushi Delivery of comfort food

After a long flight back home, the very first thought that comes into my mind is what food should I have? We would typically think of Fishball Noodles, Char Kway Teow, Chicken Rice, Roti Prata and the list just goes on. So today, I am recommending you fresh Sushi food delivered right to your doorstep by Sushi Delivery.

After taking a 20 hours flight, all I could think of was food and not just food, but my comfort food. Sushi has been well integrated into my simple, staple diet since university days and this cuisine has become more and more accessible and affordable over the years. It was a big YES for me when Sushi Delivery approached me to do a food service review. Nothing reads better than putting food pictures across peoples' screen because it is the look and enticement of these food pictures that makes people drooling, happy and excited.

Sushi delivery makes it easy for online ordering. Website layout is simple to manoeuvre, no complications whatsoever. So here's what I have ordered to be delivered for my Saturday Lunch:

1. Unagi Don

2. Chicken Wing Sesame

3. Salmon Aburi Maki

Final verdict from me:

Delivery was on time. Food looks freshly cooked as you can still feel the warmth of the food from touching the container. Taste was splendid not overpowering but yet tasteful. Presentation was simple and straightforward. Definitely worth a try if you plan to stay in and not cook!

Check out Sushi Delivery today.




Disclaimer note:

What I am sharing is based on my experience. Home delivery food may not be suitable for everyone.