Welcome back to My Blog!

Hello from the new light!

Beginning of 2019, Covid took the world by storm and till date, we are still learning to live with it. For the first 2 years (2019 & 2020), we've all learnt how to survive in a Pandemic, mostly in FEAR. But as time goes by, the world realized we have to learn how to live with the virus, and accept what we call an Endemic. Vaccines played a huge part in helping people, helping the world to hold on to whatever "normalcy" in life we still have.

I, for one lived in FEAR and there was even a point where I went into panic mode. I believed I wasn't the only person who felt the need to hoard essentials such as food, toilet papers and masks! With the initial stages of strictive movements ordered by the government, the one joy I had was to plan my weekly trip to the supermarket! People mostly worked from home except for the "essential workers" and this made any socializing impossible. Despite all, nothing stopped me from blogging however in 2021, I made a decision to take a gap year to reconsider my plans for Lisa.T.Pink Blog.

I took time to reinvent myself as my goals and aspirations in life have changed. The way I perceive things have changed, and hence Lisa.T.Pink Blog will now be heading towards a different path moving forward. What change you might ask! It will definitely be beyond where to eat, where to shop and what to buy moving forward. Key word: Travel.

I am definitely looking forward to expanding my fair share of writing beyond the horizon. So stay tuned for more enriching posts and stories coming your way.

From me to you, the writer and blog original creator, Lisa.T. Pink.